Monumental Painting - July Studio Studies

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Studio Studies are private, small-group lessons hosted in my personal studio.

DUE TO COVID-19: I am splitting my studio studies into 2 groups with 2 students each, while also abiding by Art on 30th's safety & health guidelines.

  • DURATION: 4 weeks
  • DATES: July 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
  • TIMES: Group 1 @ 11am-1pm; Group 2 @ 2pm-4pm
  • LOCATION: My Personal Studio on the 2nd Level
  • TUITION: $99
  • EXPERIENCE: Beginning-Intermediate
  • MAX STUDENTS: 2 per group
Would you like to paint larger but you’re afraid to make the leap? Stretch your creativity—and your body—while creating a large-scale painting. Learn about the different stages of making a painting as you are guided through the process. The result: a large 40" x 80" painting!

This workshop will emphasize composition and movement using gesture, color, contrast, and texture. We will also use mark making to add a personal touch to your painting. Marks can energize a painting or highlight movement, rhythm, or direction. By making marks and responding to marks, we will build our paintings. This approach infuses the painting with the feeling of freedom and adventure.

We will introduce exciting new materials such as sumi ink to enhance movements, powdered graphite for mood, and other mediums to explore texture…a multi-layered approach to painting giving the work complexity and depth.

Using bold brush strokes (connecting the body to the canvas), large scale tools to build a visual story, and interacting with the canvas through bold physicality, we will learn to get comfortable with creating monumental works of art.

  • Week 1: Creating Large-Scale Sketches
  • Week 2: Large Tools for Large Paintings
  • Week 3: Unpredictable Materials for a Bold Statement
  • Week 4: Physicality, Music & Movement
New for this session: each student will get to schedule a time to meet with me for an instructor critique at the end.
In this workshop, you'll receive personal attention with one-on-one instruction, walk away with tips and resources on materials, participate and glean from group critiques, and watch instructor demos.

Students will also get to showcase and place for sale one piece of their work in my studio at the next opening night at Art on 30th!

Bring any acrylic paints (heavy body or fluid consistency) and brushes you have on hand (including any bristle chip brushes and silicone tools) plus a 42" x 8' yard roll of Strathmore 400 series mixed media paper (185lb)

If you’re missing something from your supply stash, I’ll give notes on what to buy (and why you need it) as we go along.

  • Meets July 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th
  • Group 1: Thursdays at 11am-1pm
  • Group 2: Thursdays at 2pm-4pm
  • $99 for 4 weeks + instructor critique
  • Beginning-Intermediate Skill Level
  • Max 2 students per group

My Personal Studio on the 2nd Level