Artist Alliances at OMA + HBAC

Posted by Kristen Ide on

Recently, I joined the artist alliance groups at Oceanside Museum of Art and Huntington Beach Art Center. As you can see from the photos, they are both exciting and inspiring places to view and purchase art from local artists.

With so many art festivals and calls for art being cancelled due to COVID-19, I was forced to think of new options that I had not explored in the past to find new artist opportunities and get exposure for my work. I am looking forward to being a part of these two communities and growing even more as an artist. It's a benefit that a call for art nor an art festival can offer me.

Being already plugged in at Art on 30th in San Diego as forever changed how I perceive and value being involved with an arts community. My art has already grown at speeds faster than I even thought was possible and it couldn't have happened on my own with a nose in a book or watching YouTube.

Keep your eyes peeled for me and my work soon in these two areas!